Featured Artist of the Week: Scotty Morton

Scotty Morton grew up in Columbia, TN. His whole life has revolved around music. It all started when he was a little boy and his granddaddy would have little house shows. People would come and watch him sing and play the guitar. Scotty remembers his grandfather use to sit beside him and say ”I’m going to make a singer out of you one day”. And he surely did!

Scotty says he’s always loved country music. Some of his biggest influences we’re George Jones, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Hank Jr. But there was one problem, Scotty grew up in a strict environment, raised in a Pentecostal Church were that type of music wasn’t allowed in the home. However, Scotty says he had to do it anyway!  When he was old enough to start going to the clubs he began singing and the people loved it! From there, his singing career began!

Scotty will be featured on the February 3rd episode of Southern Trace Songwriters ‘In The Studio’ program on The Stage podcast. Scotty and his full band will also be a part of Southern Trace’s special Showcase Concert during CRS Week in Nashville where they’ll have the CD release party for their latest album ‘Bring Back Your Memory.’