Don Swartz Bio


My name is Don Swartz, I am the founder and CEO of Southern Trace Songwriters. I’m looking forward to our music journey together.  I’ve been asked to submit a short bio and I have to say this is my second draft because after reading the first one, I realized something about myself, If you know me, you know it’s never been about me, and never will be.  I am about getting new and unsigned artists into a position for a chance to reach their dreams of making it in this crazy business… and yes, I said chance!  Once we get the exposure for the artists, the rest is up to the fans…and yes, I am a FAN of the fans.  They are the ones that determine the success or failure of the artists.

I don’t throw names around of the people who are associated with me, know that I don’t do that.  I want people coming to me because of my reputation and not because of whom I’m associated with or have rubbed shoulders with.  My character and reputation mean everything to me.  

I married my best friend 25 years ago, and she is my best friend to this very day!  We have children and 6 grandchildren and my family is most important to me.  I ‘m originally from Bardstown, Ky., but have been here in Nashville for almost 30 years. OMG I’m getting old.  UGH!  It is what it is!

When I got married I made a decision to step away from the music business. The music business requires 24-7 to be successful and my family was the most important thing to me.  The kids are grown now, and I remained friends with people in the industry, so I was never totally out of the loop!  In 2010 (after encouragement from my wife and friends in the industry) I decided to come back into the business with the approach of seeking writers with original material. Thus was born Southern Trace Songwriters.

I’ve been very blessed to have worked, and continue to work, with very talented and very successful writers as well as new artists and writers just starting on their journey.  I am Executive Producer on 2 of 4 recent projects, and Co-Producer on the other 2 projects. One song played on National T.V. Dec. 2013 at the World Rodeo Championship out in Las Vegas and was the song that opened the event over a span of 10 days.  Another song is in a major motion picture. At this time, I have multiple projects in the works that I’m very excited about!  STAY TUNED!  

My door is always open to anyone who has questions pertaining to this crazy music business.

I’m looking forward to working with my dear friend and radio/t.v. personality Chris McGill on booking some great artists this season!

Please stay tuned to Southern Trace Songwriters for exciting new endeavors!  Forever grateful to all my friends and fans!